Our Story

Compliance Partners has helped small and mid-sized businesses become compliant with international and local legislation since 2019, e.g. within data protection and the whistleblower directive. Today we service more than 500 customers across Europe.
Our primary objective is to make compliance effortless and cost-efficient through full-service solutions where we provide the compliance platform as well as ongoing compliance services on behalf of our customers.
In 2022, our mission to expand and establish ourselves as a leading provider of full-service compliance solutions to SMEs in Europe received a boost when two Danish investors joined our team, enabling us to scale up internationally. Today, we proudly serve clients across Europe, leveraging strategic collaborations with local partners to deliver tailored solutions that meet the regulatory requirements of each region and make it effortless for organizations in our target group to be compliant.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a global leader in providing seamless and innovative compliance solutions that empower small and mid-sized organizations to navigate regulatory complexities effortlessly, fostering trust, integrity, and sustainable growth in the business landscape.

At Compliance Partners, we are dedicated to making compliance effortless. Beyond simply meeting regulatory standards, we strive to cultivate a culture where compliance becomes a natural part of any company. Our full-service solutions streamline processes, allowing organizations to focus on what they do best while embracing integrity, transparency and ethical practice. Together, we pave the way for a future where compliance is not just a requirement but a seamless and hassle-free part of everyday operations, building trust and driving success.

500 +

Customer across Europe

30 +

Employees globally


Supported languages


Users across the world

Our Company Values


We embrace innovation and continuous improvement, constantly seeking new ways to deliver value, streamline processes, and stay ahead in a dynamic regulatory landscape.


We prioritize the needs and satisfaction of our clients, striving to exceed their expectations with personalized solutions and exceptional service.

Social Responsibility

We recognize our duty to contribute positively to society and the communities we serve, engaging in ethical business practices and supporting initiatives that promote social and environmental sustainability.

Diversity and Inclusion

We value diversity and inclusion as essential drivers of innovation and growth, fostering a supportive environment where all individuals can thrive and contribute their unique perspectives and talents.


We uphold the highest standards of honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct in all our interactions and operations.


We are committed to achieving excellence in compliance solutions, ensuring that our clients meet and exceed regulatory requirements with precision and efficiency.

Meet Our Team of Compliance Experts

Oleksandr Murashov
Business Analyst
Martina Hupková
Marketing Assistant
Alina Chestakova
Manager of Effortless
Compliance Services
Alexandra Monostori
Effortless Compliance
Officer - GDPR
Søren Bo Andersen
Compliance Advisor
Eirini Mimigianni
Compliance Advisor
Fynn Zenglein
Compliance Advisor
Timo Sirviö
Compliance Advisor
Dominik Bachstein
Compliance Advisor
Mette Eckhausen
Yaroslav Revin
Backend Developer
Monica Ewerlof
Compliance Advisor
Sebastian Köhler
Effortless Compliance
Cecilia Stenberg
Effortless Compliance
Michael Erlitz
Head of Operations
Ayaz Bashir
Recruitment Consultant
Brian Hall
Head of Sales
Gaia Masoli
Marketing Assistant
Torbjörn Larsson
Effortless Compliance
Tina Bah
Effortless Compliance Officer
Dan Wisniewski
Head of People &
Sales Processes
Lasse Meilsøe
Business Development
Nina Forcher
Compliance Advisor
Emanuel Alves
Compliance Advisor
Tina Dennemark
Compliance Advisor
Ivan Durmanenko
Backend Developer
Kristoffer Pedersen
Legal Counsel

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