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Discover the simplicity of compliance with Compliance Partners full-service solutions. Let us take care of 80% of the work, making your journey to 100% compliance effortless and streamlined.

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Remove Your Everyday Compliance Challenges

While compliance may not be your top priority in your daily work, it is essential to any business. Say goodbye to everyday compliance hurdles and partner with us for a seamless journey toward full compliance.
Our Effortless Compliance model is designed to alleviate this burden. Thanks to the unique combination of our compliance platform and our compliance team, we will tackle the hidden complexities of compliance on your behalf.
By removing 80% of your workload, we ensure you reach 100% compliance with ease and precision.
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How Can I Benefit From a Full-Service Compliance Solution?

Save Time

Let us handle most of your compliance workload, while you focus on your core business activities. Free up valuable resources when you streamline your operations for greater efficiency.

Reduce Your Costs

An out-sourced full-service solution allows you to limit your current compliance cost. Our comprehensive approach ensures that you avoid fines and penalties by adhering to regulations.

Specialised Competencies

Leverage our expertise for precise compliance management. Your Effortless Compliance Officer will ensure ongoing tracking of your requirements.

Modern & User-Friendly Platform

Experience seamless navigation on our user-friendly platforms, simplifying compliance tracking in one convenient location for enhanced efficiency and ease of use.

Ongoing Compliance

Compliance is not static. Ensure continuous compliance with our proactive monitoring, effortless compliance service and support tailored to your business needs.

Local Support

Access personalized support from local experts for prompt assistance with tailored solutions to meet your compliance needs as they arise, ensuring seamless compliance management.

Why Compliance Matters

Compliance is not just about ticking boxes; it’s about creating a culture of integrity and resilience. In a world where reputation is paramount, compliance serves as a powerful tool for protecting brand value and driving long-term growth.
Across industries, businesses face an array of regulatory frameworks demanding responsible practices, transparency, and accountability. While penalties for non-compliance can be daunting, the benefits extend far beyond avoiding fines. Embracing compliance cultivates trust among stakeholders, strengthens reputation, and underlines a commitment to ethical conduct.
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GDPR software

GDPR Solution

With our GDPR solution you can gain valuable insights into your organization’s overall compliance status and keep track of upcoming compliance activities performed by our ECO.
Overview of RoPa, DPA’s, policies, employee training, frameworks for DPIA’s, TIA’s etc
Whistleblower Software

Whistleblower Solution

Our whistleblower solution safeguards your company against misconduct and ensures compliance with the EU Whistleblowing Directive. Not only do we provide a safe reporting platform for the whistleblower, but as part of our Effortless Compliance solution, we also provide incident screening and reports with recommendations conducted together with our legal experts.

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