Achieve GDPR compliance effortlessly

What is included in our GDPR Solution?

GDPR Management Platform
User-friendly GDPR platform with compliance dashboard and task management overview to keep track of upcoming activities and overall status in each department. Ease your compliance with an all-in-one platform.
GDPR Solution
Processes & Automation Tools
Benefit from automated GDPR scanning and monitoring of sensitive data, along with pre-planned periodic controls and employee compliance follow-up. The standardised processes ensure your ongoing compliance.
GDPR scanner data
Effortless Compliance Officer

Your assigned ECO will ensure a hassle-free compliance journey for your company. They will proactively address potential challenges and perform many of your ongoing compliance tasks so you can focus elsewhere.

GDPR compliance

Let us do most of the work for you

Staying up-to-date with the European Union GDPR requirements can be challenging, but Compliance Partners is here to help companies like yours stay on track with GDPR compliance.
From gaining key insights with our compliance dashboard to identifying potential vulnerabilities thanks to the GDPR scanner, our full-service GDPR solution serves as the foundation of your data protection strategy.
With features designed for effortless assessment, management, and maintenance of compliance, our solution provides the strength and agility your organization needs to navigate the complexities of data protection regulations with ease.

Key Features

Annual Wheel

Simple and user-friendly overview of upcoming tasks in each department and overall current compliance level in your organisation.

GDPR Scanner

Our advanced scanner, scans your shared drive and accounts for key GDPR search words and outlines medium and high risk stored data.

Data Mapping

The foundation of having an accurate and compliant RoPa. Identify, categorize and document the flow of personal data within your organization.

Data Agreements & Records ​

Keep track of your data agreements and keep your data processing records up to date under the GDPR requirements.

Templates & Standards

Easily implement and maintain new agreements, policies, vendor/asset overviews etc to ensure ongoing compliance in each department.

Employee Training

Ensure you fulfill the GDPR requirements of training your employees and making sure they are up to date with the GDPR principles and practices.

Are You in Control of All Your Stored Personal Data?

Continued legal basis for the personal data stored by an organisation is a critical element of being GDPR compliant, and yet compliance with deleting policies is a sore spot for many.
We can scan all emails, attachments, files and documents across your organization and outline high-risk accounts and personal or sensitive data requiring your immediate attention.
The workload of data deletion is down to a bare minimum and so are your worries about potential illegal data storage.

How it works:

1. Email Accounts:
We scan all Google Gmail or MS Outlook accounts and identify relevant data. This ensures that data is deleted when there is no longer a legitimate reason to retain it. This feature not only aligns with GDPR compliance but also contributes to a proactive data management strategy, minimizing the risk associated with unnecessary data retention.
2. Attached Files & Images:
Our scanning capabilities extend to all email attachments, providing a comprehensive review of GDPR-relevant content. This includes employing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to convert images with text, such as passports and health insurance cards, into readable and analyzable formats. This feature is key in uncovering risk within attachments.
3. Shared Drive:
Beyond emails, our product extends its reach to files stored on Microsoft Sharepoint or Google Drive. Through a systematic scan, it identifies and flags GDPR-sensitive content. This proactive approach ensures that data stored in shared drives complies with GDPR regulations, allowing for a more secure and compliant data storage environment.
GDPR scanner data